All Ages - Zine Making Workshop

All Ages - Zine Making Workshop

In the Zine Making Workshop you will discover the cool history of zines and how they give power to marginalized voices in their own communities. Learn about different types of zines and where to find them.

This inclusive workshop is for everyone—whether you love poetry, drawing, photography, collage or writing. Create your own zine in different styles, like one-page wonders or comic layouts. It's hands-on and connects you with a friendly community of creators.

Celebrate the mix of queerness and indigeneity in zine culture, and see how every kind of creativity, big or small, adds to the magic of zines. Come be a part of our fun workshop and make your mark in the world of storytelling!

You will bring your own ideas and leave with a compiled work in the format of a zine or comic! There will even be a opportunity to add to a community zine at the end of the workshop that be published!

2-3 Hours | $15 per person | Max. 20 

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